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Life science research from your locality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Life science research from your locality - Essay Example The challenge is to extend systems biology over multiple scales to comprehend how subcellular processes control cell behavior and in turn, how interactions among cells lead to large scale organization at the tissue level. Such knowledge is key to unlocking the genetic foundations of morphological development and disease† (USU, 2011, par. 2). Personally, the technical definition encompassing the endeavor appears to be complex but deems to be extremely relevant in future medical and health applications. Through the genuine interest and commitment of scientists and scholars in various sciences, remarkable contributions have continued to emerge. The area of systems biology, when searched through the Google engine was defined as â€Å"an emergent field that aims at system-level understanding of biological systems† (Systems Biology, 2003, par. 1). Vast amounts of information could be accessed and learned from this particular field of endeavor. Works Cited Systems Biology. (200 3). Systems Biology – English. Retrieved 15 June 2011. Utah Pulse. (2011).

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Risk Management in Childrens Play

Risk Management in Childrens Play Balanced Approach to Risk Management A risk is part of everyday life and it almost affects everyone in some form or the other. A risk is taken every day in order to sustain a better, healthy future. Therefore risk cannot be completely eliminated in any aspect of our society and so accepting that the possibility of even serious or life threatening injuries cannot be eliminated, however, it should be legally and lawfully managed. Risk should be acknowledged and controlled at a manageable level to benefit the potential opportunities we get in return. A balanced approach to managing risk is essential to structure our society. The concept of risk/benefit assessment should be a guide to achieve satisfaction. Playtime is essential and vital part of a childs life. Playtime directly affects a childs well-being and development. The Health Safety Executive (UK) acknowledges that No child will learn if they are wrapped in cotton wool (http://www.hse.gov.uk/entertainment/childrens-play-july-2012.pdf) Through playtime children develop different skills such as self-confidence, team building, and social skills in school. One of the key benefits of risk is; children of various age groups learn about risk themselves, mostly through outdoor play activities. A balanced approach to managing risk for providing childrens play opportunities and activities as well as the benefits they gain out of it should be carefully measured. Recognising the introduction of risk may form part of play opportunities. This enhances their experience to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being as they grow up. The National Travel Survey 2014 has confirmed that the most common mode of transport to school by children between the ages of 5-10 is by walking or car. 88% of children between the ages of 7-10 were accompanied by an adult and more than half of them agreed that road safety was their biggest concern; among other concerns. Whilst, a risk is part of life but accidents do not have to be; in most cases accidents can be easily avoided. A 2010 study by, The English Outdoor Council admits that On a typical school visit, the children who take part are at no greater risk of death than their schoolmates who have stayed behind. http://www.englishoutdoorcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/Nothing-Ventured.pdf In order to keep children safe, children must be taught systematically; pedestrian skills; road crossing, safe cycling and scooting from a very early age and should be linked predominantly between the ages of 7-10. Most primary schools have directly linked these activities to their curriculum. These skills will play a vital role in managing risk for the yr 6 Residential Visits, Outdoor School Activities, The benefits gained from these activities should be balanced against the hazard or risk it may have. In my school, we have an Adventure playground which is used by all pupils. However, KS1 is only allowed to use the Adventure playground occasionally as Marble treats for 15mins. KS2 uses the Adventure playground on rota basis every play time. The maximum children allowed to access the Adventure playground is approximately 30. Pupils are not allowed to access the playground on wet days, indoor play activities are organised. When pupils use the Adventure playground, the class teacher personally monitors the play area. A comprehensive site survey is carried out every term to manage risk. All children learn to use the adventure facilities in a different way. They all want to enjoy and play and reach specific targets. KS1 use the facilities and try out each activity at their own pace, whilst KS2 especially the 10/11 year old are stronger and reach their specific targets and goals at a faster pace. The experience they gain in the Adventure playground, without any adults interfering gain th em resilience and abilities as they learn to manage their own risk. Children with a specific disability would be monitored by a supervisor on a 1:1. Another activity in our school is Climb the Wall available only to yr 5/6. The activity itself is challenging and it builds pupils confidence; benefitting them with climbing movement, agility, balance and coordination, awareness of bodys centre gravity. A risk is assessed and managed by appropriate use of helmets, footwear, clothing, long hairs tied back, no jewellery, and pockets all emptied. The activity is strictly supervised by 1:1 ratio; 3 children allowed at a single time. Children with a specific disability would not be allowed to participate in this activity. One of the activity our school organises is a Residential trip only to year 6. Children experience various benefits, some of them are building personal confidence, team building activity, and developing social skills and exploring their strengths and weakness. The objectives and the outcome of this activity are well managed and measured in the trip. The risk is managed by the ratio of students to the teacher. This activity is not available to any other pupils in the school as the objectives and benefits are slim. Our school is aware of the health and safety risk to children. The school has tailored an exclusive Road Safety Education into their curriculum. Year 5 children are offered cycle training. This programme is facilitated by the East Riding Council and a group of 4/5 children are taken outside the school with their cycles and helmets and trained to use a cycle safely. The risk is assessed and managed by the school as well as the ERC. Children who pass this training are allowed to cycle to school independently. A pedestrian skill programme is arranged for yr 4, personally organised by the ERC and Scoot the Route is offered to year 3. Children in Yr 6 experience a Bus Aware programme which will benefit them before they go to the secondary school. Reference NA. (2012). CHILDRENS PLAY AND LEISURE PROMOTING A BALANCED APPROACH . Available: http:// http://www.hse.gov.uk/entertainment/childrens-play-july-2012.pdf . Last accessed 12/02/14. Jill T. (NA). Nothing Ventured. Available:http://www.englishoutdoorcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/Nothing-Ventured.pdf Last accessed 14/2/17.

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Important SAN Management Aspects Essay

There several critical aspects in storage area network (SAN) management. These aspects range from changes in every day configurations to physical-asset inventory to historical reporting in the long-term. Perhaps the most important element in SAN management is documentation (Poelkar & Nikitin, 2009). Keeping track of all connections such as the host bus adaptors (HBAs) to the servers can prevent problems of failures in SAN functionalities. There are usually several connections in SAN networking and memorizing all the connections can be challenging. Keeping a record and clear documentation on all the SAN components as well as their status of functioning can solve this problem before things go astray. Documentation will include all software configurations and hardware connections (Poelkar & Nikitin, 2009). Because SAN forms an integral part of computing infrastructure, all procedures and practices employed in tracking network components and severs should be applicable to SAN too. SAN security is another important aspect of SAN management. In order to optimize the overall SAN performance, it is advisable to keep off all the viruses, malaware, hostile and attackers. Integrating powerful antispyware, antivirus, malicious website filters and client firewalls into a single powerful engine will provide robust SAN security and enhance efficiency. The combination of these tools minimizes on system resources and enhances high system performance. Above all, the network is protected. SAN security is critical to SAN management as it avoids loss of sensitive and important data (Poelkar & Nikitin, 2009). The other key management aspect of SAN is the cost of SAN implementation (Norris, 2003). While considering the effectiveness of implementing SAN security, and optimizing the speed and workability of SAN, it is critical to consider tools that can provide the same benefits at a lower price (Norris, 2003). The essence of any business is to make profits. However, since SAN implementation is important, it is necessary to implement but at affordable cost. SAN management is critical to the functioning of SAN and it attempts to address the aspects of security, cost and functionality. SAN software can manage most of the processes and elements needed for proper working of SAN. The SAN management software ensure maximum security and low computer resource usage in terms of random access memory (RAM) thus improving speeds.

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Organization behavior Essay

1.) Critically review learning theory. Learning theory is a routine that is carried out on a daily basis in order to have an experience in various fields of work. There are several theories that explain learning theory. One of the theories is Maslow’ Hierarchy of needs which explains that, when the need level is satisfied, it ceased to become a motivator and fulfillment of higher level is the next goal. (Francesco and Gold, 2005).The second theory is Hertzberg’s motivation hygiene theory which states that, employees’ growth and esteem needs are driven by the motivation factors, responsibility and achievement. This wills results into a job satisfaction at work place. (Francesco and Gold, 2005). The third theory is McClelland’s learned needs theory which explains that needs is learned through Childhood environment, social norms and assists in the understanding of individual motivation (Francesco and Gold, 2005). The last theory is ERG theory which contributes on Maslow theory. It has three categories of needs. Existence which is the physical and psychological need, relatedness which is the need to share ideas with others and feel secure and growth is the need to achieve to fulfill of self esteemed needs. The learning theories have assisted very many people at work place especially the people who are working in the organizations. (Francesco and Gold, 2005). There have been several philosophers who have tried to explain what is learning. Various theories of learning have been therefore have been discussed. Learning theories are the ideas about why or how changes occur. There has been a theory on the behaviorist orientation to learning .This theory is from theorist such as Thorndike, Pavlov and skinner. (Smith, 1999).This theory argues that people change their behavior from the kind of learning they get. People according to the theory are stimulated by the environment they live in. When people live in a good environment they learn to be good and vise versa. Behaviorists argue that people can be taught to produce behavior change in the desired direction. An educator trying to teach people to change should arrange environment of the person to get the desired response. People can learn through skill development and training as well as behavior according to behaviorists. (Smith, 1999). There is another theory on cognitive orientation to learning. Cognitivist such as Piaget, Bruner and Gagne believe that learning process is an internal mental process. Internal mental process includes receiving insight about information, processing the information, memorizing it and finally making a perception. (Smith, 1999).That is how the learning process is according to Cognitivist. People according to the cognitivist learn through the internal cognitive structuring. This structure helps people develop skills and capacity to learn better. Cognitive structure if followed can help a person develop intelligence learning and memory as function of age as well as learning how to learn. Whichever the theory that is followed learning is an important aspect of human being and people should strive to learn more to improve themselves. (Saljo,1979) 2. Positive and negative reinforcements, punishment and extinction in shaping behavior There are many types of positive reinforcements that Godot can use. First Godot can reward excellent behavior. This is normally a very effective method of reinforcing good behavior. (Verddelho, 1999)The implication here is that when an employee is rewarded for good performance, the employee feels motivated to do even better the next time. In the end this will lead to an improved performance which is good not just for the individual but also for the organization. The second positive reinforcement is recognition. Recognition here implies acknowledging excellent behavior of good work. In this case the meaning for this is that supervisors like Godot can simply acknowledge and commend a well performing employee like Diane. Recognition of good work has the implication of having positive congratulatory words for a job that has been well accomplished. This can simply be achieved by a simple word of mouth like ‘well done.’ Unknown to many supervisors, this simple act of recognition normally has a very positive effects on the motivation of an employee of an individual and can result in positive work behavior. (Francesca & Gold, 2008) The use of incentives is another positive reinforcement that can result in improved positive behavior. In this case incentives can be in form of extra or bonus pay for exemplary performance. Incentives can go along way in improving an individual’s performance on the job. (Francesca & Gold, 2008)This is more so if an individual is capable of making more money by displaying good performance method. In this case the issue of a tip was a good gesture to the employees since those with exemplary performance would feel encouraged to do more. One negative way of reinforcing behavior is through harshness. In this case, the employees will only perform well because of fear of reprimand by Godot and not because they feel a compelling need to work hard. This is a negative reinforcement because positive organization behavior should be forced but should come spontaneously. The implication here is that employees should not be coerced into behaving well but rather positive behavior should just come naturally. This therefore means that these employees should not work hard because of fear of being reprimanded by the supervisor but instead should do so because of a need to do so. (Dwyer, 2005) 3. Discuss the impact of these reinforcements and punishment has on behavior and on Diane’s behavior specifically Reinforcement theory suggests that a reinforcement/reward and punishment of certain behavior will most likely result in a repeat of that particular behavior. That is to say that if behavior is not recognized or appreciated chances of it being repeated will be low. . (Francesco & Gold, 2005)   However, the consequence of reinforcement is determined by whether it is negative or positive. Positive reinforcement will motivate employees and result in behavior that will increase an organization’s output and the opposite is true. . (Francesco & Gold, 2005) Diane works hard and her output is great. However, when she breaks a plate one day, Godot yells at her and even makes her pay for the broken plate and the cost of cleaning up the messed caused. Diane has been waiting all along for recognition but she only gets a negative reinforcement for her good output. As it is, it is better to motivate people for the right reasons rather than to punish them for the wrong reasons. (Skinner, 1957). Diane is punished for the wrong reason and fails to get reinforced for the right reasons. Negative reinforcement is not likely to motivate individuals and therefore this will in turn lead to them slacking in their work and thus the overall out put will be low. (Skinner, 1957).   It is because of this that she relaxes when carrying out her duties. Reinforcement suggests that behavior determines outcome and a person will be motivated to seek reinforcement and avoid punishment. When she got a chance to work at a fancy French restaurant at Sydney known La Maison, Diana a University Student could not spend her vacation at her parents home Queabeyan, since she needed money to change on her diet during her next semester . (Skinner, 1957). Ready to prove how good she was, she would balance several plates on her arm and the customers would compliment her on her efficient service, but one day she dropped a bowl of bouillabaisse appetizer on the carpet and hurriedly went for sponge while apologizing but   Godot shouted at her that he would deduct $24.95, $20 from her pay to compensate for appetizer and cost of cleaning rugs respectively, out of anger and confusion, next day Diana slowed down to avoid recurrence of same incident thus she carried   no more than two dishes at a time thus slugging her tips down (Skinner, 1957). Q4 .Effectiveness of hourly pay rates and tips as a method for reinforcing desired behaviors. Tips and hourly rates have been used as a mode of payment against other methods of payment like piece rate and monthly payments. There is a big variation in the effectiveness of the methods. When hourly rate is used as the mode of payment, it has been found to have an effect on quality and speed. These two factors are the one that determine the output of any activity (Encina, 2000). Payment in work acts as an incentive to the worker. Whenever the worker is paid well he will work well and poor pay means poor jobs. It is noted that the worker will always optimize what he has at hand. When he is paid hourly he will do he/her work according to the hour he is being paid. This will spoil the consistency (Encina , 2000). When tips are added to the hourly rate, the worker will optimize on the tips and he/she will improve on his hourly work to get more tips. Things are different when hourly pay is made without the tips as there will be no motivation. Paying on an hourly rate together with the tips may improve on speed but destroy the quality. The use of tips and hourly rate need a balance as what motivate the worker are the conditions of work. Diane on his part was being motivated tips (Encina , 2000). Apart from the pay, there are other factors that motivate worker during their work. Recognition during work is another factor that lender the effectiveness of work. A worker may improve his effectiveness due to tips. This will improve his/her efficiency. When a worker feels that his efficiency has improved, he will look for recognition.   Payment on hourly rates can improve the behaviors of the worker but additional inputs like recognition should be added. Diane opted to work in the right he will perfect the work and in return he will be recognized to get a better pay. For the behavior of an hourly paid worker to improve, incentives have to be added. This will help in improving the efficiency of work and altitude towards work will improve (Schildkraut 2003). The behavior of workers depends very much on the pay and recognition. As much as workers are paid hourly tends to improve the output, their behavior depends much on the supervision. Workers will always maximize on their man hours instead of employers manpower (Schildkraut 2003). Therefore to ensure that the behavior of the worker is good requires supervision. The supervision should not oppress the worker but instead it will help improve his behavior. The role of the supervisor for hourly paid worker is to help the worker to improve in his productivity. Though the supervisor will optimize on production, it should not destroy the quality of the work (Schildkraut 2003). In conclusion hourly rates can improve on the worker behavior but proper measures should be put in place to ensure that the objectives of the company or organization are met. The measure can include recognition after improvement, controlled supervision, and improvement after achievement. There should be no mistake of paying hourly for organization benefit but it should be to the worker (Schildkraut 2003).

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The Discovery Of The Scientist s The Technologists, Along...

Before MIT was founded in 1861, the common take on knowledge was quite different than that of our modern day. Education was primarily for a wealthy upper class, who regardless of work ethic or true intelligence, had safety nets of incredibly well off families often with money to spare. As noted in Matthew Pearl’s The Technologists, along with Bruce Sinclair and Merritt Roe Smiths articles on MIT’s foundation, Harvard and other schools for this elite class focused on a purely knowledge based learning system; while MIT attempted to introduce a more technical education combining pure science along with practical applications of technology, thus ushering in a new style of technical education. In 1861, founder William Rodgers, chartered one of the first technical schools in MIT. While growing up a geologist, in 1831, Rodgers began â€Å"contemplation the connections between pure science and its applications to engineering† (Smith 16), which little to his knowledge, would be the basis of a new institution. When Rodgers decided to introduce the idea for a technical institute, he had already mapped out a path for the curriculum and its basis. Introduced and now known as the â€Å"New Education†, Rodgers’s idea, set forth by Charles W. Eliot, brought on an entirely new technical education that had almost never been seen before. Rodgers’s idea, along with Eliot’s, changed the way many viewed education of the sciences and applied technologies. With a majority of the wealthy population attending

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The Lost Secret of Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

The Lost Secret of Easy Evaluation Essay Topics Easy Evaluation Essay Topics and Easy Evaluation Essay Topics - The Perfect Combination Describe a slice of technology which you've incorporated into your life throughout the last year or so. It's totally secure and potent. Type of Easy Evaluation Essay Topics If you've got clear criteria, it will become possible to continue to keep your evaluation from being just your own personal opinion. In addition, there are recommendations, assumptions and justifications offered in the report. If so, your evaluation is going to be a beaten job. To compose the ideal evaluation essay, you must establish reasonable and clear judgments, criteria, and evidence. Choosing Easy Evaluation Essay Topics The competitors of the Yellow Auto Company can be very conscious of the aspect which is also a weak point on the section of the organization. Thus, superior merchandise and services can't only assist the consumers attain superiority but also ensu res a feeling of satisfaction. The business is an automobile dealer of popular worldwide brand Renault. Given the scenario in the event the companies still pay more attention on the psychological facet of the employees along with the managers might be in a larger trouble (Mintzberg, 2013). The 5-Minute Rule for Easy Evaluation Essay Topics In case you have any questions or concerns, speak to our customer care team ready to respond you 24 hours every day. To put it differently, you're predicted to evaluate a particular class rather than evaluating an assortment of similar classes. Consult your instructor about the grading criteria beforehand so that you can meet them and find an exceptional grade. Request term paper assistance to improve your probability to get a better grade. The Debate Over Easy Evaluation Essay Topics You want to reveal your confidence and expertise in the topic matter along with demonstrate some emotional engagement. It is possible to either discuss the sports generally or narrow the scope the text to a popular game. At the exact same time, there's also a need for growing the morale of the employees that ensure people to care for the company for a portion of their own family so they can ensure 100% dedication when working. Thus, there are particular recommendations that will act advantageous for the organization and will assist in improving the procedure for decision making in future. Last, the company under discussion must focus attention on the potential modifications and the advertising wave. The movie might have been much better especially in the event the editing was executed properly. It isn't important how his opinion is going to be understood afterwards, since such written work doesn't claim to define the reality. Moreover, we additionally provide proofreading and editing services. Think about the criteria you will use in your evaluation essay to earn a very clear judgment. Before you commence writing the very first draft, you ought to think about very good evaluation essay topics and pick the side you will take. If you select a topic, it means you're prepared to get started writing spend a couple of minutes on evaluation argument essay outline. Find easy evaluation essay topics that you need to write about. PaperCoach can assist you with all your papers, so take a look at the moment! For example, if the topic of your paper is associated with friendship, the definition essay body paragraphs will describe this phenomenon in various facets. Consider useful examples of evaluation essay topics to comprehend what things to write about within this paper. Writing an evaluation paper is a powerful means to size up any particular idea or object. There are specific actions which should be taken to compose an ideal evaluation essay. The simplest approach to finish a writing assignment is to select evaluation essay topics on movies. Whether you would like to order an instance of an evaluation essay, get access to another collection of excellent topics, buy an outline to boost your odds of successfully completing an assignment in time or employ a skilled proofreader to confirm your paper, you may always rely on us. So, the very best start would be to interpret this kind of assignment for a definition essay to be able to define and understand its features that have to be preserved. Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Easy Evaluation Essay Topics Is Wrong To begin with, it gets your reader interested in the subject and encourages them to read what you need to say about doing it. These topics work nicely for more sophisticated writers that are ready to evaluate less tangible things. All these topics are fantastic ones to get started with, and they ought to aid you in finding the ideal topic for your own essay. A quick collection of easy topics.

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Case Study Hybrid And Autonomous Technologies - 1558 Words

3.1 Option 1: Continue with existing 3-pronged strategy and expand operations within the Australian market to focus on hybrid/autonomous technologies The first strategic option proposed is to expand operations within the Australian Market to focus on hybrid and autonomous technologies in addition to the existing three pronged strategy. The goals of this option include increasing production locally by adding new models for export and simultaneously transitioning models made overseas to being made locally. This would focus on hybrid and low carbon models. In addition, bringing RD processes for autonomous vehicles to Australia prepares Toyota Australia for this emerging market. Autonomous models that are produced and tested in Australia will provide a first mover advantage for Toyota Australia in the Australian market. Other manufacturers will take longer to bring models to Australia and are likely to require government support to establish their models in the local market. The addition of a technology and RD strategy by expanding Australian operations to focus on hybrid and autonomous technologies provides opportunities to develop competitive advantage in the Australian market by providing Australian made vehicles. In addition, this aligns with the Federal Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). This option is not without its risks including: †¢ higher production costs in Australia over other Toyota plants in a developing economy †¢ geographicalShow MoreRelatedThe Energy Management Problem For A Mg Incorporating A Dr Program1418 Words   |  6 Pagesobtained results show that incorporating DR programs into the energy management of MG problem is beneficial and establishes optimality at both the supply and demand side of the MG. Additionally, there was an important energy decrease in the two case studies considered. Sensitivity analysis of gained results utilizing weighted sum approach, the total value of customer power curtailed and the value of power interruptibility was executed to prove the robustness of our solutions. The results indicateRead MoreThe Hybrid Clouds ( Inter Vehicle Clouds Essay1152 Words   |  5 Pages3.3 Hybrid Clouds (Inter-Vehicle Clouds): HC is the combination of VC and VuC where VC serves as both service provider and consumer at the same time. The motivation behind HC is that, vehicles moving on the road might rent their resources and might want to use cloud services at the same time. NaaS and P2P are the most suitable examples for such scenarios. Nevertheless due to the ephemeral nature of VANET, connection among vehicular nodes is very intermittent. But yet it can be arguedRead MoreBmw Case Study : Business Plan Essay2349 Words   |  10 PagesTo: Mr. Harald Kruger From: Tom Osaer April 30, 2016 BMW CASE STUDY – BUSINESS PLAN BMW has been a worldwide leader in the automotive industry for a hundred years. This business plan will help outline BMW’s strategy moving forward uniquely in this very competitive landscape. BMW TODAY BMW is a German manufacturing company that markets in luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and engines. BMW currently is sold all over the world and has subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico,Read MoreVistakon One Day Acuvue1655 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive Summary The case analysis report focuses on three major aspects; The Situation Analysis, Decision Analysis and Conclusions Recommendations. The first part i.e. Situation Analysis would contain all the relevant information and all the decision factors that are present hence providing us with the actual problem statement plus the current condition of the Company, Collaborators, Customers and competitors. The second part of report i.e. The Decision Analysis would provide a carefullyRead MoreThe Impact Of Online Activism On Hong Kong1606 Words   |  7 Pagesallowing activists to instantly spread and deliver information to a broader audience. In the digital age, activists can easily raise awareness, share videos and opinions through various online platforms. This new phenomenon of activism driven by media technologies has been widely used in Hong Kong to retain human rights, protesting for more autonomy and democracy. Given the ability of online activism to raise awareness and rally support for different political or social movements, it places great challengeRead MoreInstalling A Wireless Sensor Network Essay1747 Words   |  7 Pagesup of a large number of sensors and at least one base station. The sensors are autonomous small devices with several constraints like the battery power, computation capacity, communication range and memory. They also are supplied with transceivers to ga ther information from its environment and pass it on up to a certain base station, where the measured parameters can be stored and available for the end user. In most cases, the sensors forming these networks are deployed randomly and left unattendedRead MoreFord Motor Company Swot Analysis Essay1549 Words   |  7 Pagesautomobile industry the future may be promising and bright for Ford Motors if they implement effective and efficient strategies in order to enhance their market share and to overcome the problems and limitations the company faces. New innovations such as autonomous or self-driving cars can bring a ground breaking opportunity for the company to grow and excel. Research and developments in new innovations may help the company to increase the demands for the new models and grow its sales. These innovations andRead MoreCases of Multiple Providers of Agricultural Extension Service in Bangladesh833 Words   |  3 Pages1.2 Agricultural Extension System: the Bangladesh case In Bangladesh a multitude of agencies from private and public origin offer extension support to the farmers (ASIRP, 2006). Although recent years witness a noticeable change in agricultural extension service providers, the public institutions still remain the dominant. The new entrants to the field include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector agribusiness enterprises and grass-root institutions eg. Self-Help and micro-creditRead MoreSocial Innovation and Organisational Form2775 Words   |  12 PagesDrawing on your knowledge of social innovation and organizational form, compare and contrast two organizational forms (e.g association and social movement; company limited by guarantee and coop; hybrid and some ‘pure’ form. Critically evaluate them with regard to their enabling or constraining impact on social innovation. Draw liberally on the relevant literature and illustrate with examples. Introduction Our societies are facing extraordinary challenges: increasing inequality, rising poverty ratesRead MoreGreen Transportation Indi Need Analysis And Solution2687 Words   |  11 Pagesprice inflammation; it stimulates to find alternatives in transportation technology. This brings out an innovative solution in terms of hybrid vehicle technology to fulfill world’s need for a greener environment. This paper discusses various aspects such as sources of pollution, decreasing level of fossil fuels, dependence on oil energy and need of green vehicles in context to India. Need analysis of hybrid vehicle technology makes it possible to determine India s energy policies to focus on securing